IDEAL-HNV farmer workshops

We will be running four workshops across the country in the next couple of weeks for farmers who are farming High Nature Value farmland. The workshops aim to gain farmer input on what it is like farming HNV farmland and provide information that can be used to design appropriate potential supports for these areas.

The workshops will run for ~2 hours. They will begin with a short introduction (15-20mins) to the project and will also show some of the results from farm surveys carried out in 2013 and 2014. We will spend most of our time discussing issues around farming these types of land in general such as scrub encroachment, invasive alien plants like Rhododendron and Japanese Knotweed, Bracken, poaching, deer grazing etc. We are also interested in hearing how farmers have adapted their management for these lands and any suggestions on future solution for the problems faced in these areas. We will also discuss whether these areas need supports and what those supports might look like if they do.

The information gathered will be reported back to the Department of Agriculture and will be used to design supports for farmers in HNV areas.

Dates and venues of workshops are listed below:

Peacockes Hotel, Maam Cross, Co. Galway         July 28th 2015                     7:30pm

Twomey’s Bar, Castletownbere, Co.Cork              July 30th 2015                     7:30pm

Glendalough Hotel, Laragh, Co.Wicklow              August 4th 2015                 7:30pm

Room B1201, Sligo IT, Sligo                                     August 10th 2015              7:30pm

All are welcome and refreshments will be provided

For further information contact Caroline Sullivan on 0863519657 or email

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